January 9, 2014
Asheville’s best (and most overlooked) burgers
Different and decadent: Juicy Lucy burger at Juicy Lucy
This burger restaurant opened in 2012 on Hendersonville Road. Juicy Lucy is, fortunately, not a person. Rather, it’s a type of Minnesota burger where the cheese comes pre-stuffed in the burger patty, meaning it’s essentially tailor-made to release a potentially dangerous shot of melted cheese when bitten. And the namesake burger at Juicy Lucy does not fail to disappoint in the realm of ooze factor.

Those in search of this messy experience should note that the Juicy Lucy shows up as one or two special items on the menu. The vast majority of the restaurant’s one dozen burgers, including a build-your-own option, are without the molten core. Also note that this restaurant will serve burgers from rare to well done; go medium.